Quarter Academy


quarter academy logoWhat is Quarter Academy?

Quarter Academy is a monthly “book club” that invites people to purchase comics from the 25 cent bin at their local comic book shop, read them, and share their finds. The comics could be excellent or well known stories that somehow you’ve found for a steal, or absurd concepts that most definitely did not take off for obvious reasons. Either way, it should be entertaining.

The Rules of Quarter Academy:

  • You must support a local comic book shop (and you should probably give them a shout out, too).
  • You may spend only $2 in the 25 cent bin in your Quarter Academy visit (8 comics).
  • Only 25 cent comics are eligible for Quarter Academy, no matter how good of a deal you got on a trade paperback or other such bargain (by all means buy them if they’re a good deal — but keep them separate from this particular discussion).
How do I participate in Quarter Academy?
Follow the rules above and you should wind up with 8 comics from the 25 cent bin. Read, rate, and review these comics, then share them with the world (and us– send us your links!). You can make a blog post like this, a video like this, or any number of other things. Please feel free to use the Quarter Academy logo all over your page or video!
We don’t yet have a time frame for Quarter Academy (it might be every month) and there may be new formats coming soon, but this is a really fun activity so please feel free to join and share! We are happy to link to your Academy finds!
And be sure to nominate your comics for the following awards…

  • VALEDICTORIAN – the best comic
  • FRESHMAN – the worst comic
  • SUPER SENIOR – the weirdest comic
  • THE EDWARD BRANNIGAN AWARD – the best panel out of all of your 8 comics, regardless of whether the comic itself is nominated for any of these awards

Where does the name “Quarter Academy” come from?

The phrase “Penny University” used to refer to 18th-century coffeehouses in London, where people were charged one penny to enter. They then not only drank coffee, but mingled with the other patrons, regardless of class. Because the discussions were often enlightened or philosophical, and because students often frequented the coffeehouses, the idea was that one could attain an education for the price of a cup of coffee. Naturally, we decided to take this poetic idea and apply it to comic books (’cause we’re classy). Dedicating yourself to a geek lifestyle can often be expensive. It takes a high-paying job to keep up with all of the multiple universes, reboots, teams, and sidekicks happening in the comic book world, but at every store there are always 25 cent bins. By spending some spare change each month, members of Quarter Academy will be able to receive a “geek education” and engage in a hang-out of other like-minded people.


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