Tucker & Dale vs. Evil


Tucker & Dale vs. Evil movie poster

Hey Alan Tudyk fans, good news! Tucker & Dale vs. Evil is available on Netflix instant-watch. You probably remember seeing this trailer and being blown away by the concept, but in case you didn’t: Tucker & Dale takes the classic horror movie concept of a group of teens taking a remote road trip and being harassed by evil hicks and turns it on its head.

Our protagonists Tucker (Alan Tudyk) and Dale (Tyler Labine) are two unsuspecting hillbillies that, while a little awkward around the ladies and other non-hillbillies, are pretty nice dudes. They’ve finally saved up for a summer house (the spooky cabin in the woods from every B horror movie, but hey, it’s all they can afford) and are looking forward to a long awaited vacation. Little do they know, their paths are about to intersect with some judgmental teens that forsake communication and go straight for the killing. As you can probably tell from the trailer above, they’re a little better at murdering themselves than others, which makes Tucker and Dale’s vacation a lot more incriminating than they anticipated.

With a concept like that you really can’t go wrong, and Tucker & Dale doesn’t. The premise is so strong that it’s almost impossible not to like, even though I do think I set my expectations a little high. It didn’t top the other genre-parodying movie that’s my number one (Shaun of the Dead), but perhaps that was sort of an impossible bar. Tucker & Dale is still uproariously funny, original, and charming. Purely entertaining and deserves the 4 stars that Netflix users have granted it. It’s also got some heart, with a surprisingly sweet and engaging love story between Dale and one of the “normals” (Katrina Bowden of 30 Rock fame; she plays Cerie).

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil Katrina Bowden

If I had to say anything bad about it, my least favorite part is any time the teens are on-screen. It’s a little awkward, because it seems as though they couldn’t quite decide between going full-out horror movie parody of each stereotype or semi-realism. The mixture of the two is a little hard to grasp as far as comedy goes, but they eventually find their way into a good explanation and a good antagonist (albeit a little silly). To be fair, they really just serve to add context to what Tucker and Dale are witnessing, and to that extent they succeed.

As long as you don’t expect an Edgar Wright movie, you should be satisfied. The rest of the choices the script makes are fresh, unexpected and genuinely funny. There’s definitely some gore, but nothing too realistic. Tucker & Dale packs a ton of laughs and is definitely worth the watch. The perfect movie for an evening with friends, a couple hours when you’re bored but don’t want to commit to actually working, or something to make waiting for your laundry more enjoyable. An excellent replacement for those 2 episodes of House reruns you would’ve watched instead.


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