Jazz On A Summer’s Day


Beauty abounds in Jazz on a Summer’s Day!

With summer on it’s way, it’s time to load up on some seasonally appropriate movies. Something to sit back and enjoy with a cool glass of something or other on a lazy, hot day. If you’re looking for something new to add to your old favorites, check out this cool documentary, 1960’s Jazz on A Summer’s Day. Directed by fashion photographer Bert Stern it’s a beautiful recording of the 1958 Newport Jazz festival.

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Sci-Fi Honorable Mentions


In our latest viewer profile, “Recently Unemployed Sci-Fi Geek,” we hit up several of our favorite shows (and had a hard time refraining going on for ages about them, let me tell you). The pressure was on for this video since, as sci-fi geeks, we genuinely want you to watch these shows and give us some sort of social validation. But there’s lots of other excellent addicting sci-fi shows available on Netflix instant-watch we didn’t even get to (and felt pretty bad about not including)! Here are some of our honorable mentions:

The X-Files

X-Files Netflix title screen

The X-Files was so hard to exclude from this week’s viewer profile because it’s such a classic, and beloved by sci-fi geeks everywhere. It’s one of Omar’s favorite shows, and is an excellent paranormal procedural.


Sliders Netflix screen-shot

Sliders is a live-action show from the 90’s about a genius kid who invents a machine that can transport him into parallel universes. The only problem is, he winds up stuck in one and has to hop from universe to universe in the hopes of getting back home. Great swashbuckling fun that eventually gets a little more mature, and some classic parallel universe ideas (red lights mean go, mathletes are the star athletes, etc.).


Joss Whedon's Dollhouse Eliza Dushku Netflix screen-shot

We mentioned in the video that this comes from our beloved overlord Joss Whedon, responsible for such shows as BUFFY and FIREFLY, but Dollhouse is a little more mainstream-feeling. It only runs two seasons (and you can definitely tell when they got the word that the show was going to be axed because the pace picks right up) but this futuristic sci-fi about people who get different personalities loaded into their bodies hosts some of the most excellent acting (we especially love Fran Kanz, Summer Glau, and Enver Gjokaj).


Torchwood Netflix title screen Jack Gwen Ianto

Torchwood is a spin-off of the hit show Doctor Who, but it’s definitely darker (it has more of an X-Files structure). Since the Doctor isn’t around to save the day and the world is left in the hands of humans, they often screw up, give into their own fallacies, and suffer casualties. It might take you a little while to get into (as it transitions from Doctor Who camp into its own entity) but eventually you’ll care way too much about these characters. The only cross-over character is team leader Captain Jack Harkness.


Battlestar Gallactica Caprica ensemble Netflix screen shot

Caprica is the Battlestar Gallactica spin-off that serves as the show’s prequel. It takes place about sixty years before the show on the planet Caprica and centers around the creation of the first Cylons. For those Battlestar fans who just need “one more episode” this can be a good fix to wean yourself off addiction.

There are some other shows we’ve heard good things about, such as “Eureka” and  “Warehouse 13” that we didn’t include because we aren’t familiar enough with them yet, but we’ll finish the series and report back asap!