Mia Makes it Cute Ep. 1 – SAW


Even though Saw is not available on Netflix instant, we thought we’d post our Wednesday video of the first episode of “Mia Makes it Cute,” to share a brief summary and artistic interpretation of the film.


Honorable Mention: Black Books


Black Books Netflix title screen

A while back, we made a “Hey, That’s on Netflix (instant watch)” video of the top 5 shows on Netflix instant-watch to recommend to the “American Britcom Lover.” But, while making the vid, we were hyper aware that we hadn’t seen a Britcom that had been recommended to us countless times: Black Books.

Black Books comes from Dylan Moran as well as Graham Lineham, 2 of whose other shows we included in our top 5 (I.T. Crowd and Father Ted), and it doesn’t disappoint. It definitely holds similarities to I.T. and Ted, but what exactly they were, I couldn’t tell you. Suffice it to say, there’s an overlap on the Venn diagram of humor somewhere.

Black Books is about this guy:

Bernard Black Books

And this guy:

Manny Black Books

Working very inefficiently in a book shop together. Also, there’s this girl:

Fran Black Books

Full of cameos that the American Britcom Lover will recognize, dark, off-beat wit, and surprisingly timeless social commentary, Black Books definitely merits on Honorable Mention on our list. Though all of the characters are strong, my favorite is Bernard,  a pessimistic, anti-social, alcoholic, and manic shop-owner who hates customers, and quite unique as far as protagonists go.

Black Books is a great replacement for those looking for “Coupling” which Netflix removed from instant-watch, and because of the short British seasons, is casual and quick to get through.

How to Start Watching Doctor Who



Due to a lot of friends asking us how to start watching Doctor Who since the show has such a long list of episodes to choose from, we created this handy top 5 list of our favorite episode recommendations for people who just aren’t up to watching it in order from 2005. Choose one that fits your personality, or check out the comments (and leave your own) for other recommendations. Then, go back and watch in order!