Honorable Mention: Black Books


Black Books Netflix title screen

A while back, we made a “Hey, That’s on Netflix (instant watch)” video of the top 5 shows on Netflix instant-watch to recommend to the “American Britcom Lover.” But, while making the vid, we were hyper aware that we hadn’t seen a Britcom that had been recommended to us countless times: Black Books.

Black Books comes from Dylan Moran as well as Graham Lineham, 2 of whose other shows we included in our top 5 (I.T. Crowd and Father Ted), and it doesn’t disappoint. It definitely holds similarities to I.T. and Ted, but what exactly they were, I couldn’t tell you. Suffice it to say, there’s an overlap on the Venn diagram of humor somewhere.

Black Books is about this guy:

Bernard Black Books

And this guy:

Manny Black Books

Working very inefficiently in a book shop together. Also, there’s this girl:

Fran Black Books

Full of cameos that the American Britcom Lover will recognize, dark, off-beat wit, and surprisingly timeless social commentary, Black Books definitely merits on Honorable Mention on our list. Though all of the characters are strong, my favorite is Bernard,  a pessimistic, anti-social, alcoholic, and manic shop-owner who hates customers, and quite unique as far as protagonists go.

Black Books is a great replacement for those looking for “Coupling” which Netflix removed from instant-watch, and because of the short British seasons, is casual and quick to get through.


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