Hulk Smashed Cocktail


Hulk Smashed cocktail Jarritos limon soda

In our Avengers episode of Maybe Wil Wheaton Will Show Up, we created a Hulk-themed cocktail that was so tasty and easy to make that I figured hey, why not type it up, it will take like 2 seconds.


  • Jarritos Limon Soda
  • Rum
  • Ice (optional)


Chill the Jarritos or put ice in a glass. Pour 2 shots of rum into the glass, then fill the remainder with the nice Hulk-y green limon soda. Not only is it green, but there was the whole storyline about the Mexican soda plant in the Ed Norton movie, sooo… there’s that. Plus it’s super delicious!

Watch the rest of our Avengers party here!


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