Video Schedule


Weekly videos WEDNESDAYS and FRIDAYS…And sometimes Mondays.


Hey, That’s on Netflix (Instant-Watch)
Every Friday, we recommend and review titles on Netflix instant-watch. We alternate between recommending 5 titles based on a viewer profile, and reviewing things that were either just added or soon-to-expire from instant-watch.


Wildcard Wednesdays
Every Wednesday (except for the last Wednesday of the month–see below) we will draw a card to choose which programming idea we try out. Current cards include:

  • Omar Will Watch Anything (Omar watches and reviews the worst movie he, or you, can find on Netflix instant-watch)
  • Mia Makes it Cute (Viewers suggest a violent, dark, or mature scene, character, etc. from pop culture, and Mia turns it into a harmless adorable doodle)
  • Geek Rant (A vlog about something that has been annoying us in the geek world)
  • Geek Rave (A vlog about something that makes us really happy in the geek world)
  • Geek vs. Geek ** (Two teams have a lively debate on a geek topic)
  • Nerdsong (An original song composed over the course of the week, based on a nerdy topic)
Viewers can vote on their favorite shows in the COMMENTS of that week’s video. Each comment will count as a vote, and another one of the Wildcard Wednesdays cards will be added to the pile for that show, thus increasing the chances of it being drawn.
** Geek vs. Geek, because it is a more intense, 2-part video, will require 2 votes for every 1 card added.



Maybe Will Wheaton Will Show Up
Themed geek parties at the end of every month, with a preview on WEDNESDAY and the party on FRIDAY. Each time, we hope Wil Wheaton will show up (which would greatly enhance the quality of the party, we’re sure).


If we have time to make an extra video, we will put it up on Monday. This might include bloopers, outtakes, and deleted scenes from other videos, old Wildcard Wednesdays shows (like Broke Fill-in-the-Blank or Quarter Academy), livestreams or online hangouts, skits/sketches, collabs, con footage, or any number of other things. *most-interesting-man-in-the-world voice* We don’t always have time to do 3 videos a week, but when we do, they go on Mondays.


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